Site Selection

Site Selection is paramount for any project—after all location, location, location. Once you know the general area, you must understand the specifics about the site to ascertain the development costs. Castle Construction will assess a site’s development costs including off site construction costs, impact fees, soil suitability, environmental impact, utility availability, abatement issues and zoning.

Budget Development

In order to make informed decisions about the future of any project, owners and developers alike must have a general understanding of the project cost. Castle Construction uses its experience and historical cost data to develop budgets to help guide our clients.

Design Consultation

Whether you want to renovate an existing structure or construct a new building, every project starts with an idea. We can make your idea a reality: with over 100 years of combined experience, we know what it takes. In a market of continual change, we know the current trends and building codes. Our employees are experienced with the latest products and construction methods. Castle Construction turns your idea into a great building.

Value engineering

Our extensive experience allows us to review drawings for “build-ability” and helps us to identify alternate products and construction methods that will save our clients time or money.


Castle Construction’s private databases give us access to cost data no one else has. We combine this data with our quality assurance program to give our clients accurate estimates at the best possible price.


Castle Construction’s quality assurance program requires everything to be scheduled and managed. Scheduling is paramount to the timely production of everything we do, from the development of construction drawings to the ordering of appliances. We at Castle Construction manage our business with computer project management software that allows us to track cost and resources. When the schedules have been set and production has started, we publish these schedules and send weekly updates to our clients so they are kept informed of the progress of their project.

Contract administration

Contract administration is the management of contracts required in a construction project including the following: design drawings and specifications, sub-contractor’s contracts, material purchase orders, draw requests, and lien waivers. Castle Construction’s decades of experience in contract administration offsets risk and liability, and ensures our clients a hassle free, quality project on time and on budget.

Subcontractor & supplier selection and management

We select specialized qualified subcontractors from our private database of companies. In other words, we know which trade will do the best job for the best price on your project.

Field supervision

Contrary to what seems to be trending today, Castle Construction puts our best construction managers in the field. It only makes sense. They manage the construction, the schedule, subcontractors and suppliers. They interact with the project team including the project managers, designers, owners and governing authorities. They also implement our Quality Assurance and Safety Program. They have the single greatest control over the quality of your job: Castle Construction’s field supervision is second to none.

Quality assurance program

Castle Construction’s Quality Assurance Program is a proprietary system of schedules combined with checks and balances that insures nothing is overlooked, and every task is completed on time. It is the underlying structure in every department in the company including sales, accounting, estimating, project management, and field supervision. It eliminates costly mistakes. Our customers only know that Castle Construction delivers a high quality building on time and on budget that exceeded their expectations.

Safety management program

Castle Construction’s safety management program is simple. We hire safe subcontractors and lock them into following both OSHA and Castle Construction’s Safety Program in their contract agreements. Our jobsite superintendents are trained in construction safety standards, and perform safety monitoring throughout each day. Subcontractors must correct any violations immediately. These findings are logged daily to provide a record of all violations and their corrections. Our safety management program keeps our clients, and our sub-contractors safe.